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UX craftsman, story-collector, folk musician

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Amazon Business

Amazon Business is one of the fastest growing verticals at Amazon, achieving over $1B in sales in its first year. As the Senior UX designer, I worked with teams of designers and researchers on nearly every aspect of the site, spanning navigation, shopping, and account management, collaborating with experts across Amazon.

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Customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, guerrilla testing, global design strategy, Northstar generation, Mentoring, Project management

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Amazon Supply Discovery

In the scientific and industrial sector, finding the exact solution is essential. Working backwards from the day-to-day tasks of our customers, we created solutions that mirrored their trusted methods for finding parts.

Java script, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Design, Contextual interviews, surveys, illustration

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Amazon Business Registration

Setting up business accounts with many users, permissions, authorization flows, and tax exemptions can be daunting. Working with lawyers, developers, and industry experts, we enabled companies to connect their procurement flows to Amazon.

Northstar design, iterative flows and designs, rapid testing, follow-through.

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Business Account Manager

Creating a product to support small businesses as well as multi-national corporations requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a roadmap that can inspire a team across iterations.

Northstar Strategy, UX pattern & writing standardization, guerrilla testing, rapid iteration, Axure interactive mocks

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Keeping both eyes open

The world is a cornucopia of ideas. Serving in our community has not only made me a better person, it has led to patents and helped improve the lives of thousands.

Patents, Medical kardex, Landscape design, architecture, environmental solutions.

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