Rediscover your customers.

I'm James Ricks, a leading storyteller, director, & strategist, currently helping executives & teams redefine the journey from research to commercialization.

Creative / UX Director, UX Strategist, Design Manager

Steering an oil tanker with a spoon

With teams across Amazon, we upset the global B2B market & redefined the future of the world's largest fulfillment & shopping experience.

Customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, guerrilla testing, global design strategy, Northstar generation, Mentoring, Project management

amazon articles
UX Director / Engagement Lead

The customer-centric gamble

To establish a global cuture of customer-centric development, I made a high-stakes gamble to seed executives with tangible victories over 12 months.

Engagement management, project management, UX direction, UX strategy, executive presentation, GV Sprints, UX cheeleader

Senior UX Designer, Manager

Rethinking the box

Focusing on how customers & businesses make daily decisions, we changed the shopping experience for millions.

Contextual interviews, Surveys, Customer Journey Mapping, Executive Engagement, Front-End Development

UX Director / Engagement Lead

"Eureka!" in 60 seconds or less

To win executive support and align teams, I turned to Disney, Apple, & Coke for inspiration. When my stories went viral, global sales jumped.

Engagement management, Videography & Animation Direction, Writing / Editing.

Inventor, Collaborator, Builder

Robots, barrons, & babies, oh my!

Engaging community, medical, & education volunteers to help improve the lives of those they serve, I stay connected, empathetic, and aware of our community's needs.

Patents, Medical kardex, Landscape design, architecture, environmental solutions.